95:5 Rule: 4 Reasons Your Architecture Firm Needs a Newsletter

September 3, 2023

Tyler Suomala

Founder of Growthitect

Ever heard of the 95:5 rule? It’ll make you rethink your entire marketing strategy.

A mere 5% of the people who bump into your online space are actually ready to move forward and begin a project. Just 5%!!

The other 95%? They’re the window shoppers, the maybe-laters, the I’m-just-looking-for-nows.

(waiting while you process that….)

Did it just hit you? Yea? If you're focusing only on the 5% who are project-ready, you’re letting a WHOPPING 95% of potential clients slip right past you! Yikes.

Most firms focus on the 5% and (unknowingly) wave goodbye to 95% of lookers.

  • Websites? Treated like galleries of top work.

  • Socials? Virtual parades of past projects.

  • Personal profiles? Megaphones for firm awards and personal achievements.

Those lookers may never look again. So how do you capture them while they’re visiting (even if they’re not ready)?

Newsletters!! It's like inviting that 95% to a cozy coffee date every so often, reminding them of why they stopped by in the first place.

Newsletters are powerful nurture machines that keep your audience engaged.

So when they are finally ready with a project, guess where they go? 😏

Here are 4 common problems firms face and how a newsletter will help:

01 // Convert More Now

Common Problem: Limited project inquiries.

Many architecture firms face the challenge of inconsistent project inquiries, which leads to an unpredictable workflow.

How will a newsletter help? These strategies convert subscribers into clients right now:

  1. Immediate call-to-action: Including an irresistible offer in your newsletter can prompt action from potential clients. (a la Loss Aversion)

    • Example: A highlighted section showcasing a limited-time design consultation.

  2. Highlighting immediate benefits: Emphasize the advantages of starting a project now, like design trends or seasonal construction benefits. (also Loss Aversion)

    • Example: Mention how beginning a project during a particular season can save time and money, urging them to act quickly.

  3. Showcasing latest works: Display recent projects, emphasizing quick turnarounds and happy clients.

    • Example: Share a before-and-after image of a recent project, showcasing the transformative power of your firm’s work.

02 // Convert More Later

Common Problem: Difficulty with long-term client engagement.

Engaging clients over the long term can be challenging, especially when they're not ready to commit immediately.

How will a newsletter help? These strategies convert subscribers into clients later:

  1. Regular touch points: Consistent newsletters ensure you're always on their mind (cue Willie Nelson), building trust over time.

    • Example: Share monthly updates on local trends or ongoing projects, reminding them of your continuous presence and expertise.

  2. Provide value over time: Sharing helpful educational content can position your firm as a thought leader, ensuring they think of you when they're ready.

    • Example: Share articles on sustainable materials, efficient processes, and click-worthy case studies.

  3. Personalized follow-ups: Tailored content based on their interactions can deepen their connection to your firm.

    • Example: If a reader frequently clicks on residential project links, curate content around home designs in the next newsletter (and/or reach out to them with a personalized offer).

03 // Increase Repeat Clients

Common Problem: Losing past clients to competitors.

Once a project is complete, curious clients may look elsewhere for their next endeavor (just to see if the grass is greener, right?).

How will a newsletter help? These strategies will increase repeat clients:

  1. Celebrate anniversaries: Reminding past clients of their project milestones keeps your firm at the forefront.

    • Example: Send a personalized one-year anniversary note of the completed project with some fun process or team photos.

  2. Exclusive offers for past clients: Provide special deals or previews for returning clients.

    • Example: Subscribers can be segmented, which is awesome for you. Offer a discount on services or a complimentary consultation for their next idea.

  3. Showcase evolution: Share how your services or technologies have evolved since their last project.

    • Example: Introduce them to new 3D visualization tools, eco-friendly construction techniques, and new employees that exemplify your growth and momentum.

04 // Create Advocates

Common Problem: Lack of lifetime value from one-time clients.

Every client that works with you has tremendous potential to bring in more work whether or not it’s from them.

How will a newsletter help? These strategies will create advocates for your firm:

  1. Empower sharing: Make your content easily shareable, turning readers into marketers.

    • Example: Embed social share buttons, or offer incentives for sharing your newsletter with friends and colleagues.

  2. Testimonials and case studies: Help former clients engage in newsletter content by including their testimonials or projects.

    • Example: Showcase the project of a well-connected past client to show your appreciation (and open the conversation of any projects in their network).

  3. Cash is king: Provide a financial incentive for former clients to introduce you to potential clients.

    • Example: Remember how you can segment your audience? Send a newsletter out to past clients announcing a “finder’s fee” for any project that they bring to you.


Only 5% of your visitors and audience are actually ready to move forward. Don’t leave 95% of potential clients hanging. Keep them in your sphere by inviting them to join your newsletter. Then use that newsletter to:

  • Converts clients now

  • Converts clients later

  • Increases repeat clients

  • Creates firm advocates

Did I mention that newsletters are a low cost pipeline builder? 🙂 Happy writing!

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