Irresistible Testimonials: The 3 Parts of High-Quality Architecture Firm Testimonials

June 11, 2023

Tyler Suomala

Founder of Growthitect

Social proof is one of the most powerful attractors and converters for growing your pipeline of high-quality clients.

But here’s the deal: not all social proof is created equal. And that’s especially true for testimonials.

We've all been there, right? Despite your best efforts, your testimonials seem to fall flat when it comes to attracting the high-quality clients you desire.

It's frustrating because testimonials are supposed to showcase your expertise and build trust. However, the problem might lie in how these testimonials are presented. If they lack the right formatting or fail to address the key elements that resonate with potential clients, they end up being mere words on your marketing materials, taking up valuable space without delivering results.

I’m talking about those testimonials like:

  • "Loved working with XYZ Architects!" - Renee L.

  • "Our new office is beautiful - thanks so much, XYZ Architects!" - Gary H.

  • "Working with XYZ Architects was an absolute pleasure! Highly recommended!" - Arlo V.

Generic much?

Plus, gathering testimonials is a challenging task. It requires reaching out to clients, gathering their feedback, and crafting their words into impactful testimonials. But if you don't approach this process strategically, you run the risk of wasting time and effort.

You don't want testimonials that simply occupy space on your website or proposals. You want testimonials that truly showcase the value you bring to the table.

So, how can you turn your lackluster testimonials into compelling endorsements that capture the attention of potential clients?

01 // Include headshots

Imagine coming across a testimonial accompanied by a smiling face. The inclusion of headshots adds an immediate sense of credibility and relatability.

It humanizes the testimonials, making them more engaging and trustworthy.

By showcasing the faces of satisfied clients, you allow potential clients to connect on a personal level, as if these clients were speaking directly to them, saying, "Hey, I had a fantastic experience working with these architects, and you can too!"

And while we’re at it - include their full name and title so your audience can better relate.

02 // Address emotions, outcomes, or objections

Generic and vague testimonials don't leave a lasting impact. But don’t try to do too much with one testimonial.

Focus on one thing for each testimonial and let the collective speak to the entire experience.

To truly captivate potential clients, your testimonials should highlight the positive emotions, outcomes, or solutions your clients experienced while working with you.

  • Did you bring peace to their life through design?

  • Did you enable their team to work more productively?

  • Or did you address a common concern or objection they had?

Focus on these aspects, allowing your clients' words to paint a vivid picture of the remarkable experiences they had. Remember, emotions and relatability are powerful drivers in decision-making.

03 // Summarize with a headline

The more direct, the better. Tell your audience what is so great about this client and testimonial. Tip: Numbers have a way of speaking volumes.

Whenever possible, quantify the impact you've made on your clients' lives.

  • Did you increase their property value by a certain percentage?

  • Did you help them save costs through innovative design solutions?

  • Did the new design increase retail revenue?

By incorporating outcome-based headlines into your testimonials, you provide tangible evidence of your expertise and reinforce the value you bring to the table. Numbers don't lie, and they serve as compelling proof of your capabilities.


Testimonials are your secret weapons—they add credibility, build trust, and showcase your expertise. Present them in a way that speaks directly to your target audience by:

  1. Including a headshot, full name, and title

  2. Addressing an emotion, outcome, or objection

  3. Summarizing with an outcome-based headline (ideally quantifiable)

Happy testimonial-ing!

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