LinkedIn Growth: 4 Pillars to Help Architects Increase Their Audience

January 15, 2023

Tyler Suomala

Founder of Growthitect

Did you learn about Growthitect from following me on LinkedIn? Or maybe from a friend that follows me on LinkedIn?

Most likely.

It was about a year ago that I first posted. Here’s how it started:

I had flown through Justin Welsh’s LinkedIn Operating System and immediately generated a couple of months worth of content. It was like the floodgates had opened.

What’s happened since then?

  • My posts have received 4.5 million views & 65,000 reactions.

  • My following has organically grown from <500 to 13,000.

  • My profile has been viewed 20,000 times.

  • 4,000+ comments have contributed to incredible conversations.

  • I’ve met SO MANY incredibly talented and driven people.

  • I’ve been invited to 14 podcasts. 8 have been released. 6 more on the way.

  • I’ve learned new, incredibly beneficial skills like copywriting & content creation.

  • I started Tyler Tactics in September, which has now grown to more than 800 subscribers!

In short, the results have rocked my world!

And there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be sharing your unique and indispensable knowledge with the world.

In particular, posting on LinkedIn has a massive upside. Only 1% of LinkedIn’s 250+ million users regularly post on the platform (read up on it here if you want).

That means that 99% of LinkedIn users are there to consume and engage!

If you’re part of the 1%, guess how much easier it is to find and attract high-quality clients if you post about things that matter to them?

So. Much. Easier.

(My LinkedIn inbox is almost unusable at this point because I get far too many messages.)

Want to dip your toes into the water of the 1%?

Here’s a quick way to get started:

01 // Engage Daily

You can’t exist in a bubble and hope that people just happen to stop by. Here’s what you should do instead:

  1. Find people with a following of your ideal audience or client.

  2. Hit the bell at the top right of their profile so that you get notified when they post.

  3. Provide meaningful and relevant comments on their posts.

This will make you more visible to large audiences immediately. And over time it provides a healthy bump to your following as they come to you for more great content.

But don’t stop there. When you post something, be sure to engage with every person that takes the time to comment on your post. Try to keep conversations going by asking more questions or simply thank them for their comment.

This will continue to encourage people to comment and follow because they know that you will engage.

02 // Post Consistently

This is the most important thing you can do. And the reason is simple: The more consistent you are, the more favorable you become to the LinkedIn algorithm.

Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest thing to do.

I began by posting every weekday (5 days/week). Now that I’ve become better at creating content, I post at least once every day of the week.

If you want to ensure consistency as you’re getting started, then I would highly recommend creating 1-2 months of content upfront. This gives you plenty of padding to hit the ground running and find time within your regular schedule to continue creating content.

To this day, I still use a variation of the system that Justin Welsh shares in his course to create and manage my content. It’s a great starting point.

03 // Test Endlessly

Consider the three levers of content that you can pull on LinkedIn:

  1. Topic: business development, education, and archi-culture (this should align with your ideal audience)

  2. Type: listicle, observation, contrarian, this vs that, etc.

  3. Format: text, polls, videos, images, carousels, etc.

Mix and match all of these. Try different combinations. And see what works best with your audience.

I’ve tried them all. And then I’ve tried them again. And then again. You get the picture.

Pay special attention to the combinations that produce the best results.

Can you replicate similar results from only changing one lever? Most likely 🙂

04 // Avoid Vanity

There will always be creators with more followers. Or those that seem to be growing faster than you. Or those that post about getting 10,000 followers overnight.

But here’s the deal: Followers and connections are nothing but a vanity metric if they (1) don’t engage and (2) aren’t aligned with your ideal audience.

Decide what audience you want to help and then ensure that everything you post is for that audience.

Could I make a viral post about crypto and get a bunch of crypto enthusiasts to follow me? Probably. But I have nothing of value to offer them, so what’s the point?

Stick with your audience and they’ll stick with you too.


Only 1% of LinkedIn users post regularly, which is a huge opportunity for you to attract high-quality clients.

If you want to build a passionate LinkedIn following, start with:

  1. Engage Daily

  2. Post Consistently

  3. Test Endlessly

  4. Avoid Vanity

Ready to begin accelerating your LinkedIn growth? Send me a Volley and we’ll do it together.

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