14 Favorite Resources For Architects

Feb 17, 2024

Tyler Suomala

Founder of Growthitect

There’s no shortage of information online.

And as someone that is very invested in creating and consuming great content, I have a high standard for what gets my attention. It should either:

  • Educate me

  • Entertain me

  • Make my life easier

Here’s a curated selection of my favorite newsletters, resources, and daily tools. I hope you find these resources as useful as I have!

My 5 favorite (non-architecture) newsletters:

My 4 favorite architecture resources:

My 5 daily tools that I use to run Growthitect:

  • Notion as a personal knowledge base (I use this for everything)

  • ConvertKit for managing my email newsletter

  • Tella for quick video recordings (that replace most meetings)

  • Figma for my graphic design needs or quick workflow sketches

  • Framer to design, manage, and host my website

Explore these resources for yourself and let me know what you think!

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